Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gluten Free Central Oregon Coast

We went to Depoe Bay last weekend and I just thought I'd post some info on gluten free options for folks since Spring Break is here.

Hilltop Inn in Lincoln City is not fancy. It looks exactly like what it is- an old Denny's. We went for breakfast and the list of gluten free options is pretty good. Apparently one of the owners eats GF. They made us hashbrowns from scratch, with house made GF toast for me and a house made GF chocolate muffin for Kristen. They also get bonus points from me for knowing how to cook an egg to order.

Captain Dan's Pirate Pastry in Lincoln City has a few GF options. I had a slice of chocolate cake that was pretty tasty- nice and moist, but kind of flat and dense. It's worth a try if you are craving something sweet- they have cookies and muffins too.

We were only in town for a couple days, and we cooked at the condo a couple times (I cooked some seafood we got from Local Ocean in Newport- highly recommended). But there are more GF options to try next time:

One place we wanted to try but it was closed on Sunday, and that is Beach Town Bakery. Apparently they have GF options, but I don't know how many or what is available. They do have an Udi's sign on the door, so I'm also not sure if they actually bake the GF options in house or not. *(note: since this review was written I received notice that BTB has given up on gluten free because it wasn't selling).

Also there is a pizza place called Pizza Cucina that had an ad in the local restaurant guide that said they have gluten free pizza available. It is in Newport.

In Newport as well is Savory Cafe, which is in the Nye Beach area. They have GF personal pizzas as well as a large selection of GF items ranging from tacos and burritos to their signature Savory bowls, which are all GF and vegan (unless you add meat). This is one we are definitely going to check out next time.

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