Saturday, March 26, 2011

GF @ the Portland Farmer's Market

Portland Farmer's Market opened up last weekend, so we decided to go check it out today. I confess, the main reason I woke up early to hit the market was because I knew (via Facebook) that Petunia's Pies and Pastries was going to have doughnuts. I work downtown, and for some reason this week (maybe because of Spring Break) I saw an incredible number of people walking around with pink boxes. For those who don't know- the pink boxes are from Voodoo Doughnuts (not GF). This made me start to crave doughnuts like mad. As you can see from the picture, the doughnuts didn't make it home. I had chocolate glazed with sprinkles and my wife had a maple bar. Thanks Petunia's for satisfying my craving. It sounds like this could become a regular thing for Petunia's at the market- this week was raised style, next week they will have cake doughnuts. Hooray for gluten free doughnuts, what a treat!

Besides the obvious gluten free options like all the fantastic fruit and vegetables, there were several other vendors selling gluten free goods. We got pasta from Nonna's Noodles, a berry hand pie from Queen of Hearts, a Chocolate Hazelnut pie from Divine Pie and bagels from New Cascadia Traditional Bakery. I also saw another vendor selling gluten free flours (sorry I don't remember the name) and HeidiHo Organics was selling vegan gluten free "cheese" which was actually pretty good.

Why did I buy two pies? Well, my little brother runs, so let's just say it's both for my enjoyment, and research. Oh yeah, and I LIKE pie! Stay tuned for more on that.

I was very happy to see all these vendors at the market, helping to make our gluten free lives a little bit easier, and more delicious!

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