Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I took a knife to a gun fight...

When I brought my very first gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free pie to a pie contest fundraiser at my work, I felt very much like the guy in the movie the Untouchables who brought a knife to a gun fight. This was the very first pie I ever made since going gluten free. I mostly made it so I would have something I could eat since I knew I'd be surrounded by tempting, gluten filled, no doubt delicious pie. The other gluten free person in the office told me she enjoyed my pie, which made me happy. I tried it, and I liked it as well. But I was absolutely shocked when it was announced that my pie actually WON the pie contest. All the other entries had gluten, sugar and in some cases- glorious whipped cream. I took my knife into the gunfight and somehow I came out on top. I'll post some more info on the pie I entered soon. It was a Caramel Apple Pie, and now I can say it is "award-winning". Hee hee.

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